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SAMJIN Hydroheat boiler for the house

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  • South Korea South Korea
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(1) Technology that produces heat by new energy regenerative mechanism

 When electricity flows in the water containing ions, ions move and carry electrons and molecules having polarity like water generate the heat by molecular motion according to the motion of ions. Thus, heat is produced by twice or 3 times than input energy.

(2) Technology that keeps constant room temperature by automatic proportional control method

It keeps constant room temperature using automatic proportional control method that controls electricity consumption according to the temperature difference between the temperature of real-time return & supply water and set temperature of those.

(3) Characteristics of SAMJIN Hydroheat

160% thermal efficiency by new energy regenerative mechanism

◎ Refer to the results tested by National Certification Organization

▶ Constant Room Temperature Maintenance

◎ Constantly maintaining desired room temperature

◎ Maintaining even temperature with air not being dried or damped

◎ Maintaining pleasant environment with same air as natural one

▶ Saving of Power Consumption

◎ Energy cost is saved up to 60% compared to existing electric heater method

◎ Saving of electricity consumption up to 30% compared to ground coupled heat pump

◎ Saving of electricity consumption by combined application with electric condenser, sunlight and wind power

▶ No Noise, No Maintenance Cost

◎ Small size without noise

◎ No additional maintenance cost with trouble free

Holding Original Technology in Korea (Holding PCT Patents)

- 1st PCT Application: Electrode bar and Electrode unit

- 2nd PCT Application: Water cooling system

- 3rd PCT Application: Product that saves 80% of electricity consumption

SJT Co., Ltd. applied PCT patents for SAMJIN Hydroheat technology throughout the world and SJT Co., Ltd owns the original technology of the patents.